Telikin The Sound of Connection: How Music Can Sharpen the Minds of Seniors

Category: Aging

Happy-Couple-smallThe Sound of Connection -- A noted composer once said that music opens up the window to the soul.  But for independently living seniors, being able to keep music in their lives can benefit the mind as well. The links between musical training and improved brain aptitude are already well-documented. Children and young adults who practice music, whether they are part of a school orchestra, a chorus or even a garage band, demonstrably experience elevated levels of attention and memory compared with before they began. Their training is shown to improve hearing and even, in some instances, motor skills.  Meanwhile, studies in recent years suggest that simply listening to music can provide a variety of health benefits–emotional, psychological and even physical–in the life of an older person who lives alone.For seniors, music can provide a powerful and easily recognized link to the past.  Listening to songs one heard long ago often helps to bring back dormant memories from his or her younger years. Such stimuli can also help seniors contextualize their memories. 

04 January 2017, 16:00