Why are computers so frustrating?

Author: Fred Allegrezza posted in General on 29 June 2022, 19:30

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Why are computers so frustrating? -- If you find PCs frustrating and confusing, you are not alone.  When the Personal Computer was introduced it was a simple. Since then, it has really grown into a complex “Business Computer.” Almost every business uses these “PCs” for Accounting, Engineering, Graphic Design, Databases, and hundreds of other business applications. The PC has moved far away from its original Personal Computer roots.  To support these millions of business applications, the computer is complex. Businesses need IT teams to help employees use these computers.  If you are still using computers at work, the business computer may be a good home computer since you are trained to use it at work. 

 If you are retired and not getting trained on the updates and new features, this complexity may get in the way of being able to use the computer effectively. Fortunately there is another solution.  There are companies that have built a “Senior Computer.”

What is a Senior Computer?

A senior computer typically has these key features:

One Touch Interface

The touch screen interface makes it easier to use.  A single touch will take you to Email, Web Browsing, Video Chat, Contacts, Photos, etc.

Preloaded Software

All the typical programs you need to use are already installed making it easy to get started. A regular computer can take hours to install.

Large Fonts, Easy to See

Many seniors have reduced eyesight.  Large easy to read fonts make it easier to use.

Touch Screen Interface

A touch screen interface makes it easier to use.  A single touch can easily get you to needed functions, like Email, Web Browsing, Video Chat, Contacts, Photos, etc.

Secure System

Typical computers have an “Open” System to handle many different applications. This “Open” system can allow viruses to get in. A Senior computer can have a secured operating system that prevents viruses.

Voice Recognition

No one likes to type. Senior computers can offer Voice recognition for easy to use. You talk, it types.

Stable Design

Typical computers change their whole system every few years, forcing you to re learn how to use it. A senior computer maintains a stable interface so you can use it without re learning.

Great support

No matter how well the computer is designed, you are going to need support.  Typical computer support is often notoriously poor. A senior computer needs to have easily accessible human support.