Telikin Telikin Celebrates National Senior Citizen's Day

Category: Aging

senior-and-child-2Today is National Senior Citizen's Day - Usually, when there is a national of recognition for something, it means we are supposed to take a moment...

21 August 2012, 18:54

Telikin Telikin Tip #5: Connecting to the Internet

Category: Telikin Tips

MikeOldhamTelikin Tip #5: Connecting to the Internet - The Telikin computer is widely recognized as the easy to use computer. Our support agents can help you not only with using...

13 August 2012, 14:43

Telikin The Human Connection

Category: General

baby-and-mom-hands-2The Human Connection - In life, it's the people who we connect with that can really make the difference. Whether it be connecting...


10 August 2012, 12:54