3 Steps to Getting Started on Facebook

Facebook-blog3 Steps to Get Started on Facebook - Facebook is one of the many social networking websites on the internet. People use these social networking websites to

stay connected with people they know and with people who have similiar interests.Using the Facebook website, you can stay in touch with friends and family by sharing updates and pictures and also stay up to date by following your interests.


People are joining Facebook every day, and now, according to the most recent Pew Internet study, one-third of internet users age 65+ use Facebook, and 18% of them log on everyday.

Have you been curious about Facebook, wanting to see what the big fuss is about? You can get started using Facebook in three steps: 1) Sign up, 2) Search, and 3) Share! Here's a walk through guide (with pictures!) to help you get signed up and connecting with the people you know.


1. Sign-Up


First, go to www.Facebook.com. Fill in the simple sign-up form with your basic information.


Facebook Sign Up


After signing up, it will prompt you through a few steps where you can find friends through your email account, enter your basic education and employment information, and upload a profile picture. You can do these steps now or simply click “skip,” and Facebook will prompt you to do these steps later. You do not have to provide any of this information. If you do decide to provide these, you can adjust your privacy settings later to make sure that only the people you know can see it.


 Facebook enter info page

Once you've signed up, Facebook creates your Timeline. This page may also be referred to as your “Profile Page” because it’s what people first see when they search for you. You can view this page by clicking your name in the right-hand corner in the top blue bar. You can control how much personal information is shown on your Timeline in your Privacy Settings.


 Facebook Timeline Screen2


2. Search

Now it's time to find "Friends" on Facebook. Once you become “Friends” with someone it means that you’ll be able to see the updates that they post, and they will be able to see what you post.  One way that Facebook suggests Friends for you is through your email account. If you enter your email address, Facebook uses your email contacts and searches those email address to find people you know on Facebook.


 Facebook search for friends email


You may not want to use your email account to find Friends. If so, you can simply search for someone by entering their name in the search field.


 Facebook search for friends screen2


Facebook will then show a list of people with that name or with a similar name. To make sure its the correct person you know, look at their hometown (if you know where they live) or their education (if you know where they went to school). Once you know it is the right person, click on their name. This will take you to their Timeline page. To send a Friend Request to this person you know, click the "+1 Add Friend" button.


 Facebook Add Friend


The other person has to accept your friend request. Once they accept your Friend Request, you can view your friends' updates and pictures on your News Feed, which is on your Facebook Home Page. You can view your Home Page by clicking the word "Home" in the top right-hand corner in the blue bar. Each new post from your Friends is added to the top of your News Feed. You can scroll down on your News Feed to view your Friends' updates. For example, if you are Friends with your granddaughter, if she updates her status to say, “Just got accepted into College!”, you’ll be able to see that on your News Feed.


 Facebook home page screen betsy



On Facebook, you can also follow your favorite celebrities, movies, TV shows, or companies. Instead of becoming “Friends” with these celebrities or companies, you can simply “Like” their Timeline page- it's like subscribing to a newsletter. For example, you can “Like” Telikin on Facebook, and then you’ll be able to see the updates that we post on our company Timeline!


Telikin Facebook Timeline


 3. Share

Facebook is a place to share life events and happenings with your Friends.Think of "posting" as "sharing." For example, if you had pictures from a vacation, you could have them developed, put into a photo album, and then you'd show that photo album to your friends as you tell them stories about your vacation. On Facebook, the idea is the same-you can tell stories and show pictures. Never post something that is too personal or private. An example of something you might share on Facebook is, “Just came back from our Alaskan cruise! Had a wonderful time!"

Write your updates in the box that says, “What’s on your mind?” This box appears on both your Timeline page and your Home Page. You can post your update in either box.


Facebook Status update


You can also share photos on Facebook. For example, once you go on your Alaskan Cruise, you can easily show your Friends the amazing sites you saw.

To share photos, while you are on the Facebook Home Page, click “Add Photo / Video” and then select either “Upload Photo / Video” if you’re sharing just one picture, or “Create Photo Album” if you’re sharing multiple photos. You'll then have to select the photo(s) you want to share from your computer documents.

 Facebook Upload Photo


Once you post the photo or album, these pictures will appear on your Friends' News Feeds! They can leave comments to tell you how jealous they are of your vacation!


If you have a Telikin, the photo application is already integrated with Facebook. This means, that if you have a Facebook account, the photos that your friends share on their Timeline are automatically put into albums in the Photo application on your computer. You can view these photos without going to the Facebook website.

There’s a lot you can do with Facebook. These are just some tips for helping you get started. Never be afraid to poke around a little to see what you can discover on your own, but be sure to also be safe. Leave us a comment below to ask us a question or share why you like Facebook!



11 July 2012, 14:19