Never Too Old to Learn

valma hunterNever too Old to Learn -- When you think about your golden years, do you envision it being a time of learning new skills and hobbies? It’s a phase of life where you have oodles of free time, but perhaps not much to fill it with. Many seniors wonder if they are simply too old to learn something new, even if they desire to. 

At Telikin, we hear this quite a bit: "I really want this computer, and know a computer is now a neccessity. But, I wonder if I am too old to learn this." 

What a pleasure it is to get to reassure folks that they are not in fact “too old” to learn the new world of computers – especially when they have the right product designed for them and great support along the way.

The Telikin computer was designed specifically for seniors. It considers their needs and experience. For those who grew up in the digital age, it’s all too easy to take technical knowledge for granted. Accordingly, many seniors struggle with technology — they don’t have the “background information” to get started. But a computer that was specifically created for those who didn’t grow up in the age of tech opens a whole new world for those in their golden years.

This story of one Telikin customer, Valma Hunter, shared by her son David, is a great testimonial to the adage, you are never too old to learn or use a computer.


Australia's first Telikin user gets new laptop for 100th birthday

Shortly after Haddonfield, NJ resident David Hunter purchased a Telikin in the fall of 2010 — before the computer's official launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2011 — he bought a second one, for his 90-year-old mother in Australia.

When David went to visit his mother in November 2010, he took the computer with him, and it became the first Telikin placed in service Down Under.

Valma Hunter quickly became a devoted user, primarily for emailing and conducting Web searches in several areas of her interest. Such search activity included: the history of ballet in her home state of Queensland (Valma was a professional ballet dancer and teacher); the Boer War (South Africa, where her father fought with the Australian army in 1901-02); and the Australian outback (where she grew up on a large sheep and cattle station).

With Valma's 100th birthday approaching, in November 2020, David decided to send his mother a new model of the computer -- the Telikin Freedom laptop. It arrived in mid-September, and Valma is looking forward to using the Video Chat feature on her birthday to connect with family members and friends in Australia and overseas and to opening an Inbox filled with congratulatory emails.

In memory of Valma Hunter


07 July 2022, 18:47