Sites for Seniors

Old man smiling on couch smSites for Seniors - When I ask people why it is they want a computer, one of the most common answers I hear is, "I'd like to look up information."


Having access to information is very powerful, however, many of us take this ability for granted because we can so easily look up things on a smartphone or computer. This is why Google is at the top of this list of sites for seniors. The internet opens up new worlds for seniors who are first time computer users. With access to the internet, they can now read about the medication their doctor just put them on, virtually visit the street they grew up on, sell their old antiques, or even find love and companionship.


Here’s a list of websites that many seniors find useful and enjoyable:


Web MD




Fox News



Our Time


Many of these are sites that we've included in the Telikin Quick Links which provides easy access to popular pages for Telikin users. And some of these sites we've also integrated with other features on Telikin. For example, with one touch, users can see a 5-day weather forecast streamed in from Accuweather, or view the top headlines from their favorite news source. Accessing information quickly and without hassel is one of the many joys of an easy to use computer.

Furthermore, some of these websites, such as Facebook and Pandora, are popular with other age demographics, but these sites are also frequently visited by older adults browing the internet, too! The desire to connect with friends or enjoy your favorite music are not particular to people of a certain age, but rather are reasons why lots of people venture into the world wide web.

What are some of your favorite websites, or the favorites of first time computer users? Leave me a comment below!


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12 April 2013, 16:04