Virtual Vacations

Mediterranean Coast smVirtual Vacations - It's the middle of the November, which for many folks in the US means winter weather is here! Winter is a very popular time for vacation, especially to places that offer beautiful, warm beaches. Vacations to faraway places aren't always possible though...


...especially for some older adults. Whether it be financial, physical, or situational barriers, many seniors do not get the opportunity for travel. However, technology opens up new opportunities for those people to visit places that they might otherwise never get to see.

If you’re someone who can’t go away on a vacation – or you know someone who can’t - here are ways that you can recreate the vacation experience with the computer and internet:

1) Research your destination

When we travel, we learn about different cultures, lifestyles, histories, and peoples. Researching the place you want to visit is the first step to recreating the vacation experience from the comfort of your own home.

Mediterranean Coast2) Take a virtual tour

There are so many sites that offer virtual tours of cities, museums, historic sites, etc. You can take an aerial tour over Hawaii or walk through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum as if you were really there. YouTube also has thousands of videos of popular vacation spots.

3) View pictures

Why not take advantage of other people’s vacations? Many people post pictures publically for others to view online. Flickr is a popular photo sharing website where you can search for pictures in a particular place. Vacation websites also curate photographs of popular destinations. Check out these amazing shots of Australia from the National Geographic Travel site.

4) Enjoy new cuisine while you “travel”

Another great part of vacationing is new foo! If you’re able to cook, find some different recipes to try out. If you’re unable to cook, find a local food establishment that offers the type of cuisine from your vacation destination. Order out a meal from a local Cuban restaurant or try out a dish from that new Ethiopian place downtown! Eat your fancy cuisine as you view photos and take virtual tours.

Computers offer so many new adventures for seniors who learn to use them - whether it be the chance to see their baby granddaughter’s face for the first time or to virtually visit the beaches of Hawaii. Telikin customers often tell us that their computer opens up “a whole new world” to them that they otherwise wouldn’t have known!

So pick a spot – anywhere in the world – and take a virtual vacation there this weekend! And the best thing about a virtual vacation? No jet lag when you come home!


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21 November 2013, 16:44