Telikin Computer Cares

At Telikin, we're committed to helping people who are computer novices connect with family, friends, and the world. Once a month we will give away a Telikin Elite II computer to an organization, community center, or living facility who shares that commitment by teaching seniors computing skills. Selected recipients will be awarded an 22 Inch Telikin Elite II Computer and will be posted on our website,, and Facebook page, Stories or excerpts from entrants and recipients may be posted on our website, Facebook page, affiliate or reporting organizations.


  • Do you watch your residents or members struggle with traditional computers?
  • Have you wished for an easier computer to teach computer basics such as email, video chat and web browsing?
  • Do you know of a Senior Center or Senior Facility that could use a Telikin?
  • Do you have residents or members who would benefit from staying connected to family and friends by using a computer?


If you answered �yes� to any of these questions, we want to hear from you!


How to Enter

Send us an email to with the following information:

  • Name of Community or Organization
  • Address and telephone of community
  • Name of Contact Individual
  • Phone number and email address of contact individual
  • Number of Residents/Members in the community or organization.

Please include the answers to the following questions:

  • Do residents or members currently have access to computers in the community?
  • What, if any, programs or courses are currently offered to seniors who want to learn computer skills?
  • How do you envision utilizing Telikin with your members or residents (or incorporating Telikin into current program)?
  • Do you currently (or plan to) have a staff or volunteer who will work with the residents or members with the Telikin?

You can also mail your entries to:

Telikin Cares c/o Venture 3 Systems
ATTN: Jeremiah Johnson
2805 Sterling Drive
Hatfield, PA 19440

This month's winners

Congratulations to our latest Telikin Cares Recipient, The Portland Senior Citizens, Inc. from Portland, TN. Jamie Rose, Director wrote:

"Hello my name is Jamie Rose and I am the Director of The Portland Senior Citizens. Our members range in age from 50 to 92 and we have tried to help them learn the computer. They do not want to mostly because our computer ( which is the only one) is not that easy to use. I think we could get them a lot more interested in learning the computer if we had a touch screen like the one you are offering. It looks so easy to use and the members could see and use it more easily. Our members would be more inclined to use it to keep in touch with family if they could learn it more easily. I would love for you to consider us for this donation you would help our center get something that otherwise we could not afford. Thank you for considering us for the Telikin computer."

Congratulations to Portland Senior Citizens!!

Telikin introduced to My Second Home

Congratulations to our latest Telikin Cares Recipient, My Second Home, an adult day program in Mt. Kisco, NY. Donna Weissman, Grants coordinator wrote:

"My Second Home (MSH), a social model adult day program which has been operating in Mt. Kisco, NY since 1998 provides a safe, nurturing and home-like environment where seniors can continue to find meaning and dignity in their lives through stimulating activities, wellness programs, personal care, excellent nutrition and �living room to living room� transportation. It is a cost-effective alternative to nursing home care, allowing seniors, who are often coping with depression, early stage Alzheimer�s, or other forms of dementia, to remain in their homes and community while offering their caregivers much-needed respite. MSH shares its site with the Mt. Kisco Child Care Center, allowing us to offer a unique intergenerational program called JEWEL (Joining Elders With Early Learners), which brings seniors and children together on a daily basis to share activities as well as life experiences. It gives the senior participants an increased sense of well being and greater satisfaction with life, while children experience the sense of security and self-worth that a caring relationship with a senior can provide.
A Telikin Touch computer would be a tremendous asset not only for our seniors, who quite often do not have experience with computers or access to internet technology (and are even intimidated by it), but would also enhance our intergenerational component by providing an additional opportunity for the seniors (or �grandmas� and �grandpas�) to interact with the children utilizing equipment that is easy for both generations to understand. We believe that the touch screen technology will be particularly important in ensuring that the shared experience is pleasurable and memorable�
Once the seniors become familiar with and comfortable using the computer at MSH, we expect that their caregivers will be encouraged to provide similar technology in their homes to further enhance their quality of life, provide much needed stimulation and enable them to interact with family members who may live far away. We believe that the donation of a Telikin Touch to MSH will take our award-winning, nationally-recognized program to the next level of intergenerational innovation. Thank you for your consideration of this nomination."

Congratulations to My Second Home!!

Previous winners

Telikin introduced to Grace Village

Congratulations to our latest Telikin Cares Recipient, Grace Village. in Winona Lake, Indiana. Paula Ibach, library volunteer, wrote:

"Have you ever watched the excitement fade out of the eyes of 80- and 90-year-olds who dreamed and hoped to use email and Facebook to communicate with their loved ones? I recently tried to teach about a dozen Grace Village residents to use computers in the GV library. I was touched by their desire to learn, but disheartened to see how unsteady hands struggled to use a mouse and how befuddled they were to navigate Windows or dialog boxes. I wished for a touch-screen monitor during those sessions, but then realized the frustration of using Windows would still be there. Most of them gave up. And these had been the ones brave enough to try; imagine the ensuing conversations with the more timid residents. Then I heard about Telikin. Large print and easy navigation buttons sounded wonderful along with the touch screen. And video chatting! However, the library has no budgeted funds for such a purchase. As a volunteer who with another person has input over 1500 titles into a web-based catalog (the library had no catalog), I am discouraged to see the very residents who would use the catalog decide that using a computer is too hard. The motivation to continue inputting the 1600 or so remaining titles is challenged by the lack of a usable access means for these users. A Telikin would allow the residents to better utilize the library books as well as get on the internet to research health issues and keep up with current events. It would be an encouragement to the volunteers who are trying to improve the situation of these senior citizens. Would you put a smile on our faces again by providing us with a Telikin computer thru your Telikin Cares program? It would be so appreciated by the nearly 300 residents of Grace Village."

Congratulations to Grace Village!!

Telikin enjoyed by Resident of Cedarbrook

Congratulations to our latest Telikin Cares Recipient, Cedarbrook Fountain Hill Nursing Home in Bethlehem, Pa. Zulma Alvarez, a volunteer and daughter of a resident, wrote:

"I am a volunteer at Cedarbrook Fountain Hill Nursing Home, Bethlehem, PA, where my mother has been a resident in the dementia unit for the past three years. On behalf of the 197 residents who now share one computer which uses a keyboard and mouse, I am requesting a Telikin Touch. Many of the residents, because of arthritis, limited eyesight, or lack of dexterity find it very intimidating and challenging to use the computer. Cedarbrook is a county facility that uses its tight budget toward excellent quality care, but has limited funds available for anything extra.

A Telikin Touch computer would allow many more residents to stay in contact with the siblings, friends and especially grandchildren with the webcam/email options and stay current with world news. And especially for those with the dementia, the Telekin Touch is a wonderful tool to assist them in maintaining more of the cognitive abilities or reminisce to the past through old time favorite music or movies. As I watch the residents, I see them thrive when they can maintain a level of independence and have the ability to learn something new. The Telikin Touch will provide them with this opportunity. They also value connection, because their world has become smaller after moving into the skilled nursing facility. In short, I believe the residents at Cedarbrook would benefit from a Telikin Touch� The ease of use which increases the level of mastery and independence Being in touch with family, friends and the world at large with the touch of a finger Listening to favorite music or watching a favorite show Strengthening memory with various games Thank you for your generosity in considering gifting a Telikin Touch to the Cedarbrook Fountain Hill Nursing Home."

Congratulations to Cedarbrook Fountain Hill Nursing Home!!

Telikin recipient St. Vincent Home

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, Providence Mount. St. Vincent in Washington! Paul Boehme, an engineer in the community wrote:

"I am a Stationary Engineer @ Providence Mt St Vincent, in West Seattle, Washington.
We Engineers are called upon to do most everything here, including the little things for our Residents, including setting up their medical-line telephone systems, program their TV�s and help with computers, when we don�t have to actually repair their personally owned equipment.

We do have Social Workers, and Aides in our Assisted Living program here, but the Social Workers work limited hours, and the 24hr Aides are not usually computer-literate, so everyone is programmed to call the Engineer, 24\7 coverage.

Tonight, I spent about an hour helping a new Resident who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer�s.
This Resident is not unique, in having Alzheimer�s, but the new surroundings and frustration with her computer made her situation very troublesome for her�
Part of her frustration is, she has always worked with computers, and been very competent with them, but Alzheimer�s has attacked those portions of her brain that has always dealt with computer details.

I went online looking for a computer program�
During this search, I came across your website, and decided your computer would easily make life so much more comfortable for not only this Resident, but, if placed in our Resident Library with our standard computers, all Residents could benefit from AGAIN taking control of their computer-lives.

I urge you to consider donating one of your machines to our facility, and when family members see its benefits, they will want to purchase a private one for their own loved one.

Thank you for your time and consideration".

Congratulations to Providence Mount St. Vincent!!

Telikin donated in honor of Rosemary Christopher

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, Advent Christian Village in Dowling Park, Florida! Cindy Johnson, whose mother Rosemary had been a resident and the inspiration for the nomination, wrote:

"What Mama missed most when she relocated from San Diego to a quiet, remote retirement village on the banks of the Suwannee River was her computer. Still an active and independent crackerjack at age 79, Mama used a computer to pay bills, do taxes, keep up with news, watch TV & movies, shop online, store images of her artwork, and above all, stay in touch with family and friends via email and Facebook.

When I persuaded her to move to Florida to be closer to me, she had to leave behind the computer she shared with my brother. Not to worry, I assured her, your retirement village has a nice computer center. To her great dismay, she discovered� the center recently had been dismantled due to lack of use. Residents � many with vision, memory and dexterity limitations � had found the standard computers too complicated, too intimidating and too frustrating to operate.

Mama's first order of business as a new resident, she decided, would be to get the computer center back up and running. Living 15 miles from the closest small, rural town and at least 50 miles from the nearest city, she needed to reestablish her lifeline to family, friends and the outside world. She would teach other residents, whose friends and relatives were scattered far and wide, to use the computers too. In two weeks' time, staff had reinstalled several PCs and printers at Mama's persistent urging.

But Mama died suddenly of a heart attack -- only one month after move-in, and before completing her mission�

So it is in memory and honor of Rosemary Christopher ("Mama") that I nominate Advent Christian Village to receive a Telikin so I can help fulfill her dream of providing user-friendly Internet access to the many low-income senior citizens who had become her new neighbors and friends."

Congratulations to Advent Christian Village, in memory of Rosemary Christopher!!

Woodside residents to benefit from Telikin COmputer

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, Woodside Center of Dover Delaware, Division of Developmental Disability Services.
Director Terri Anderson wrote:

"I was browsing the internet looking at touch screen computers for our day program when I ran across your website. Our program supports adults with developmental and physical disabilities�

We are a 501(c) (3) agency and the large purchases we wish to make require fundraising due to serious budget cuts over the years. We have many individuals that truly did enjoy playing games on the computer. I believe that if we had an internet ready touch screen computer our individuals would have the ability to learn to access information that would help them stay on top of current issues both locally and nationally. It would provide them the opportunity to learn how to look for and access activities that they may want to participate in within their local communities. Learning computer skills would let them learn how to research the internet to look for new craft ideas, party ideas and learning opportunities. It is also possible that several of the individuals attending our center would be able to locate volunteer opportunities to promote community inclusion as well as improving their daily living skills.

While browsing your site, I noticed that you have available a keyboard with large keys�Many of our individuals have visual impairments as well as physical and cognitive impairments. This keyboard would make it easier for them to work on learning or improving typing skills. Learning to email, chat and even video conference would thrill our individuals. Thank you very much for your time and consideration�"

Congratulations, Woodside Center!!

Telikin requested by Laurel Stanford

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, Rancho Carlsbad community in California. Laurel Stanford, who offers free computer classes and writes a monthly tech columns for seniors in the community, wrote:

"I have worked for 32 years in the tech industry. I developed the original computer classes for seniors at my local community college. For the past two years, I have lived in Rancho Carlsbad, a 55+ community where I offer free classes on computer skills, as well as private tutoring and pc troubleshooting. I also write a monthly Tech Tips for Seniors column in our magazine and recommend software and hardware that I believe is appropriate for our residents. Sadly, out of our 504 homes, only about 30 % have computers, and only about 20 people attend class. I have also recently created a new website for the community. We would like many more of our residents to be connected, but I find the biggest resistance is not so much fear of the technology, but that they can�t read the screen or understand the jargon. I am passionate about using technology to benefit our residents and help them remain independent for as long as possible, and internet connectivity is top of my list. I saw your computers at CES last week and spent a long time at your booth, where you gave me an in-depth presentation. This was by the far the best product I saw at the show that would be most beneficial for our seniors. In fact, I have just finished writing this month�s Tech Tips and also taught a class yesterday, and promoted your company on both occasions. I would absolutely love to have a Telekin computer in our community. I would install it in our front office so that all of our residents can have access to it. This will have several benefits�I will also put on a presentation to as many residents as I can get to come, featuring the benefits of this computer�.Please consider us. Thank you."

Congratulations, Laurel Stanford and the Rancho Carlsbad Community!!

Telikin Computerintroduced by Rachel Berger

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, Rachel Berger, Master of Social Work student at Monmouth University. Rachel wrote:

"I am a Master of Social Work student at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. I am very passionate about bringing the world to homebound and/or disabled older adults via computers. I believe that computers and internet access can improve the quality of life of older adults, especially those who are socially isolated. I have therefore chosen a "Visiting Computers for Seniors" project for my Social Justice class in the upcoming Spring Semester. Visiting Computers for Seniors will be an all volunteer project to introduce computers and internet to older adults who have little or no computer literacy and provide regular access to those who are interested. The project will be implemented at several agencies in Lakewood, New Jersey, a township which has a large older adult population�

�I have been seeking the donation of specially designed senior computers for those who will find the regular ones difficult to understand or use. I was very pleased, therefore, to discover this wonderful donation program on your website. If Visiting Computers for Seniors wins a computer through your program, it will be put to very good use and enhance the quality of life of numerous older adults in the Lakewood community. Thank you very much for considering this project for your generous program."

Congratulations, Rachel Berger!!

Telikin enjoyed by residents

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, The Maria-Joseph Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, in Dayton, Ohio. Kay Bryant, Executive Assistant wrote:

"I am requesting that the Telikin corporation consider donating a Telikin Touch to the Maria-Joseph Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a 300-bed skilled nursing facility serving residents with many disabilities. Many of our residents would benefit from this donation. One particular resident who would benefit greatly is a 94-year old man who is extremely hard of hearing and has severe vision problems, as well as physical ailments that makes it almost impossible for him to use a traditional computer. The touch screen will be wonderful for him. I have attempted to help him by providing my own personal laptop to use which is not adequate to say the least. Due to his many handicaps, he needs assistance in manuevering the mouse and keyboard and continually hits the wrong keys and can't get back to email. This is extremely frustrating to him. He is trying to stay as independent as possible and he can't do this on his own. Aside from the physical ailments, he is mentally alert and I feel sure would be capable of using the Telikin Touch computer. This is exactly what he needs to keep in touch with his only child and grandchild. I humbly request on his behalf that you consider making this donation to the Maria-Joseph Center for his use as well as many other residents who would be able to utilize it� We are also planning to start computer training classes for them. They are very excited about being able to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as keeping up with what is happening in the community and the world. Never too old to learn, and there are many here who are very eager to learn how to use a computer. I was so excited when I saw the Telekin Touch. It is exactly what the elderly need! I did not know such a machine existed and am so happy that it is available. Thank you for making it possible for them to stay as independent as possible, and continue to learn and be productive. I truly feel this will be a boost to so many of them. Thank you so much for your consideration."

Congratulations, Maria-Joseph Nursing and Rehabilitation Center!!

Telikin recipients in Washington, IL

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, Catherine Hitchell and friends, of Supportive Living of Washington in Washington, Illinois. Mike Booth and Debbie Hitchel wrote:

�We would like to nominate, Catherine Hitchell and her friends of the Moehle Living Center at Washington Supportive Living in Washington, Illinois� By having a computer system that was designed specifically for seniors and does not require a great deal of computer knowledge, many�would be able to enjoy the electronic freedom and entertainment available today. This would also give many�.the opportunity to stay in closer touch with many of their extended family members around the country. Even those who have never used a computer before for whatever reason would be able to use this product�my wife Debby and her sister Sue volunteer weekly. Their mother, Catherine Hitchell lives in the facility and enjoys all that it has to offer her and her friends. Many of them have family and friends around the local area but some moved here to be closer to family and have acquaintances around the country they could revisit. Each and every family member would truly enjoy seeing them learn to use a computer��

Congratulations, Catherine and friends from Supportive Living of Washington!!

Telikin winner Bradford HS

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, Leslie Mongillo, technology high school and adult education teacher in the Bradford Area High School, in Bradford, PA. Leslie wrote:

�Hello! I am writing to nominate myself as a technology high school and adult education teacher at Bradford Area High School. In my adult education class that is offered one evening per week in the Fall and Spring, I encounter many Senior Citizens who have never had any exposure to the computer. One of their greatest hurdles is learning to navigate using the mouse. For this reason, the Telikin touch screen would be beneficial. Many of them are also planning to purchase computers, and come to me with questions about which computer is best. If I had a Telikin computer to demonstrate for them, this could become a clear choice for their purchase. They are fascinated by technology and eager to learn it, but there are so many components to a regular desktop computer that they get frustrated and find learning difficult. I have also had many drop out of the class because they feel they will just never be able to �get it�. I believe that your donation of a Telikin Computer will provide these seniors with many benefits as well as the desire to participate in technology. They get excited about learning new things, and are amazed by the capabilities of our technology today. I thank you for your consideration on behalf of myself and all of the seniors who attend my classes.�

Congratulations, Leslie Mongillo, Bradford Area High School!!

Telikin recipient Emily Abel

Congratulations to Telikin Cares recipient, Technology for Life Transitions! Emily Abel, gerontechnologist and owner writes:

�I own and manage Technology for Life Transitions ( My company assists aging adults and their caregivers with unique technology options designed to improve independence and caregiver support. Our aim is to promote opportunities for healthy, safe, purposeful, engaged living through aging technologies and services. One way we can achieve this is through training novice computer users about ways to communicate with their family and friends; thereby minimizing the social isolation so many aging adults experience. We provide personal in-home evaluations, installations and training on technologies specifically designed for aging adults such as Telikin. In addition, we educate professional caregivers such as doctors, nurses, home health care staff, Continuing Care Retirement Center staff and other healthcare professionals through free in-services, workshops and conference presentations throughout the country. Please consider providing Technology for Life Transitions with a free Telikin computer so that we can educate and train our aging adults and their caregivers, as well as the healthcare community about this easy to use computer with its numerous features.��

Congratulations, Technology for Life Transitions!!

Telikin introduced to Rowley Public Library

Congratulations to Telikin Cares Recipient, the Rowley Public Library, in Rowley, MA. Pamela Jacobson, library director wrote:

�For the past six years Carol Soucy, a local software consultant, has been teaching free computer classes for seniors at the Rowley Public Library in Rowley, MA�. The topics of each three week session have included basic skills, email, the Internet, digital cameras, social media, and more. The classes fill quickly and most have had a waiting list, showing a clear need that seniors in the community have for a safe and non-threatening place to learn more about computers� For the basic skills class, which is the most popular and most often repeated, there is a prerequisite that students must be comfortable using a mouse and keyboard. Many seniors have had to come to the library to practice their mouse skills on the public computers before joining the class. If a Telikin was awarded and set up in the library it would be beneficial to those seniors who have not yet mastered the keyboard and mouse. Many of the seniors in the class have expressed a desire to keep up with new technology that they hear about and don't understand. It helps them to keep in touch with not only family and friends, but with news, arts, and culture in the wider world��

Congratulations, Rowley Public Library!!

Telikin introduced to Scott County Senior Citizen's Center

Congratulations to Telikin Cares recipient, Scott County Senior Citizens Center in Georgetown, KY.! Melanie Warrens, a graduate student working on a project for technology classes for seniors wrote:

��My inspiration was in providing a way for seniors to continue to socialize and remain engaged with family and friends as well as continue the process of learning and growing for as long as possible� The Scott County Senior Citizens Center in Georgetown, KY serves local seniors by providing meals, transportation, visits, home care and encouragement to those who are more or less home bound. The Center also provides activities at the center and field trip excursions for those who are more mobile and socially active. Their website states: "Within our Centers, seniors can receive social/recreational/educational activities which enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being." This is what I am trying to achieve with this small step�I found your company as I was doing research on this topic and think your product is a lovely fit for our program��

Congratulations to the Scott County Senior Citizens Center!!

Telikin introduced to Leisure World

Congratulations to our Telikin Cares recipient, Leisure World Computer Club, in Mesa, Arizona. Phil Johnson, an instructor in their computer club, wrote:

��we are searching for solutions for our �disconnected� residents�The 500 member Computer Club's primary focus is the unskilled computer users. We find that the folks that do not have a computer in their home are absolutely convinced that they could never learn to use the Internet. One of the many problems is the difficulty of the elderly learning the mouse and the keyboard. The touch screen seems to be a magic solution. We believe that the [Tech] Buddy system is a critical part of our ability to help these people. If we discovered, that the Telikin solution really works as you promote it, it could help us close the gap of bringing seniors into the 21st Century��

Congratulations, Leisure World Computer Club!!

Telikin winner, Leona Henry

Congratulations to our Telikin Cares recipient, Leola Henry of Houston, Texas! Mrs. Henry was nominated by her daughter, Carolyn Duhon. Carolyn shares that her mother is a warm person, a devoted neighbor, church member, neighborhood civic center leader, mother and grandmother. She is always trying to help those in need. Carolyn writes:

She (Leola) has expressed an interest in taking some computer classes. She feels that if she knew how to use the computer and if she had one that she would be more of an asset to her many community endeavors. I know if my mother had a computer and the skills that she would reach out to more people outside of her local community. Having her own computer would allow her to keep in touch with friends and teenagers that she has mentored� She would use the computer to search for various assistance for elders and under privileged children. I know that she would be searching for coupons that would help out the seniors in her neighborhood with their weekly groceries and personal items that they need.�

Congratulations to Leola Henry!!

Telikin Winner, Winter Springs Senior Center

Congratulations to our Telikin Cares recipient, the Winter Springs Senior Center in Winter Springs, FL.   Joe Weber, a volunteer instructor in their computer room, wrote:

�If you could spend an hour in our center watching so many of our seniors struggle with our current desktop computers using the mouse and keyboard setup and the current operating systems we are using, you would share my excitement that there is a better way for them to get connected in this brave new electronic world. So many of them find it so difficult to understand the Windows operating systems and just how to access the programs they would like to use. Your Telikin computer would be a fantastic benefit for them to easily do their emails and connect with their families... I believe your computer would be a blessing� for many others that come to the Center who find the current technology so intimidating. Thank you again and please, please consider the Winter Springs Senior Center as being worthy of your gift�.

Congratulations, Winter Springs Senior Center!!

Telikin Winner, Tracy Symonds

The second recipient of our Telikin Cares Computer donation is Tracy Symonds from Quincy, MA! Tracy was nominated by her sister, Deb Symonds. Deb shared that Tracy is developmentally challenged and wrote that Tracy had taken a class on basic life skills, including computing and loved it!

�She really wants to join us all in emailing. On occasion she (Tracy) had been left out of family news because we forgot she doesn�t get emails. We have tried teaching her on our computers but it is too many moves for her to be successful in maneuvering through screens. I can just see her beaming when she gets an email with the families� latest news! She enjoys being our weather reporter too and to see the weather right there, WOW! Thanks for listening to the story of my special sister, Tracy Symonds.�

Congratulations, Tracy!!

an update from Tracy's sister...
Hi Nancy,

We are doing great! Tracy is so in the email loop now. Everyday we get an update on the Christmas list. She recently had a holiday party and you should of seen her showing off her computer! We got to get her into Skype next. She is doing good with her calendar and appointments. We can�t thank you all enough again. She is just having a ball.
Happy Holidays to you and all the Telikin team!

Deb Symonds

Telikin Winner, Connie Hughes

The first recipient of our Telikin Cares Computer donation is Connie Hughes! She was nominated by her daughter, Mary. Connie has 11 children, including spouses, 27 grandchildren and many great grandchildren. Her family lives all around the country.

Connie is very active and her family wants her to be able to learn computing so she can communicate with her family, especially the grandchildren. Now she will be able to see the family photos, enjoy face to face skype video chat calls and be part of the family conversations! She had been intimidated by the thought of using a computer but her family hopes this will be the answer to their prayers!!!

Congratulations, Connie!!

Terms & Conditions

Like most computers, Telikins require high-speed Internet connections to fully utilize some features. This program is for a free 22 inch Telikin Elite II touchscreen computer and does not include Internet, phone or other services. Venture 3 Systems reserves the right to end or extend this program at any time without notice. All or part of entry comments may be used by Venture 3 Systems in promotional material. Recipients will be notified by email, letter or phone and must be willing to provide a photo of the computer in use at their facility.